Company profile

Midaswei was established in 1997 on the basis of high quality, reliability and efficiency to achieve customer loyalty. Our main products include Ionizer, Surge protection device (SPD), SPM, Static Eliminator, Thermistor, BL Surge Absorber, Inverter Controller IC, Piezoelectric Transformer, Piezoelectric Transducer and Spark Gap etc. We have expanded rapidly since our establishment through long term trusted relationship with our customer. "Customer Satisfactory" is our mission.


  • Technology is what Midaswei emphasis most and is also core competence. With continuous intensive investment on R&D for new products, Midaswei has been preparing to meet customer's various and sophisticated needs and develop innovations to keep up with the market trend. All of our efforts are just to contribute to the profitability of customers.

  • Midaswei own brand products are production by  Midaswei factory to ensurequaality , Midaswei Taiwan factory register number is 65008345.

  • Now we have our big multinational customer like Delta, Liteon, AOC etc. Thanks to our customer for supporting us for so many years. We are confident that Midaswei will thrive through the years coming……